Old-school skateboards with cement wheels.

From old-school wooden Alva, Hobie, Sims, and Tenderfoot skateboard decks, to classic cruiser bikes like the 1965 Flightline, the Venice Surf and Skate Fest was a reminder of where the surfing, skateboarding, and beach cruiser crossover first took place. Retro surfing posters, Beach Boys music, and even classic Zipees roller skates rounded-out a scene that attracted some of the O.G.’s of Venice surf and skate.

What was also interesting is the number of families that attended the event to take a look at what’s become a museum-like spectacle of action sports memorabilia, or as Craig Stecyk III, legendary writer and photographer would probably put it, “artisan garage culture.” Groms were everywhere with parents that could recall the treacherous cement wheels of their first skateboards.

Retro cruiser bikes. Made of steel.

Cycling, which is currently undergoing its own renaissance, was in high-form with classic cruisers. The guy selling them inherited a barn in Montana full with 150 bikes, which he had trucked back to Venice. Within about 2 hours, at least 15 had sold, including one to myself, and another to Paige MyCoskie from Aviator Nation

Here’s a look at memory lane and the inspiration of where it all started.

Zipees roller skates and ancient Hobie boards.




Old and new surfboards were on hand, but everyone was looking at the classics.


Beatrice Oliday creates cycle jewelry. She's wearing inner tube fringe jewelry.


Girl skater with cool boots for riding.
The Sidewalkshop guys had an amazing collection of old boards.


Ancient scooters and surf film posters on the scene.


More cruiser bikes mostly from the late 60's and early 70's.