Robert Downey, Jr. as Ironman with his own Obama poster spoof.

No, Shepard Fairey did not create the iconic Ironman poster in ironman 2, which is in the same style as the President Obama Hope poster by Fairey, but it did pop-up on our radar as funny, if not a genius move on the part of the director to include this.

Here’s what Shepard had to say on his site ObeyGiant about it:

“I have received several inquiries about whether or not I was involved in a piece of art seen in Iron Man 2. I’m friends with the Iron Man movie’s production designer Michael Riva who, along with his wife Wendy, was a big Obama supporter. He asked if I’d mind a HOPE poster spoof in Iron Man and I said “of course not”. I did not personally design the image, nor was I paid for it. All of the Obama HOPE spoofs, positive or negative, are a reminder of the power and importance of grassroots activism to affect things. Additionally, neither is it possible to copyright a style, nor would I want to restrict visual dialog by discouraging others from paying tribute to styles I have used.”