How H&M’s Kiss For a Cause for Fashion Against AIDS at Coachella Symbolized an Excellent Brand X Non-Profit Collaboration and Awareness Campaign


Coachella Music and Arts Festival is known for its low-key sponsorship. Festival-goers barely know any are even there, which is how the festival promoters want it to be. The ones that do get the coveted sponsorship deal must come up with creative ways of integration. H&M, and their Kiss for a Cause campaign, was one […]

H&M Launches Two Powerful Campaigns: Fashion Against Aids and Save the Oceans with WWF

Leaders in many ways, from design to new media marketing campaigns, this fast-fashion giant’s latest two campaigns taps into humanitarian and eco-savvy youth culture. Plus, their latest bikini campaign.

Understanding Top Humanitarian Concerns in Youth Culture to Introduce New Philanthropic Strategies Can Bring Brands Back to Life

Holiday season during economic hardship may be the best time to revisit philanthropic branding strategies to build cred with a new generation. Label Networks’ data shows what’s most important.