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Sundance Film Festival Wrap-Up: Films that Will Impact Youth Culture Most, from Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning’s”The Runaways” to Street Artist Banksy’s”Exit Through the Gift Shop”

Often it’s NOT the winners of the world’s most popular indie film festival that set new trends in motion, but rather, ones that relate to youth culture via music, art, love, social networks, and the environment. Fresh from Park City.

Banksy Film Debuts at Sundance -The World’s First Street Art Disaster Movie

“Exit Through the Gift Shop” by notorious street artist Banksy is chosen as Sundance’s “Spolight” Surprise” film of the festival.

Banksy’s Back in London with Fresh and Timely Street Art Themes for Christmas

Always timely and ironically funny, notorious street artist Banksy posts new work in London with themes like AristocRat and Global Warming.

Sand Castles and QR Technology Experiment on Japanese Beach Continues Evolution of Mobile Phone Tagging and MCommerce Potential

The future of retail, ads, personal identification, rely on QR technology coming from Japan. Latest experiments at a beach take things one step further.

Banksy’s Uber-Secret Summer Graffiti Show in Bristol City Museum Opens and Swoons Floating Armada Arrives at the Venice Biennale

Two more exceptional stories of how street/graffiti artists are impacting the world as we know it, and oh, yes, creating effective grassroots campaigns.

Graffiti and Street Artists as Cultural Heroes and the Rise of Culture Jamming

The growing fanbase of artistic underdogs hasn’t just captured this generation’s hearts, but are becoming increasingly attractive to corporate branding and marketing strategists.

Lifestyle Choices in 2009: Craftivism, Living Virtual, and Interactive Solutions Among Top Youth Culture Lifestyle Choices in Label Networks’ New Year’s Zeitgeist Report

Youth culture lifestyle choices provide forecasts for effective brand strategies across the board -from entertainment and news, to fashion, technology, music, sports, and choices in living.

Street Art Round-up 2008

Banksy Tears Through the South; Sao Paolo Graffiti Artists Commissioned For London’s Tate While Own Art Back Home Gets the Cover-up; Paris’ colette Revamped and Offers Collabs at NYC Gap with Andre; Swoon Disembarks Another Art Raft But This Time Down the Hudson