Fresh images by RomanyWG

While many street and graffiti artists’ work gets posted on streets globally daily, one of the most notorious and famous is Banksy for many reasons. The Bristol-born secret graffiti artist seems to also be a master at underground marketing, bringing to life topics that are timely or anti-corporate, or just plain funny. Also known as an animatronics creator, Banksy’s work often makes mainstream news (like the BBC) because of his political and anti-corporate themes, which also attracts top pop culture collectors such as Brad Pitt.

New work was recently spotted in London this Christmas season with shots taken by RomanyWG and re-posted on Wooster Collective (among many other blogs today). While obviously talk of global warming is the hot topic from last week with the Copenhagen conference on the environment taking place, the idea of high waterline/post-apocalyptic living is now surfacing in Banksy-world too.

Do a key word search on Banksy on Label Networks for much more about how this artist has captured mainstream media attention, celebrity devotion, advertisers, and marketers who watch what Banksy does very carefully.

Here’s his latest in London:

Banksy reflected

Gone Global Warming Fishing

Banksy%uFFFDs famous AristocRat