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%u201CRecession” Shopping Patterns Shift-Measuring Where the Youth Market’s Shopping More, Less, and Why

Unique report on preferred shopping destinations reveal forecasts of what retailers and brands can expect as market opportunities from youth culture consumers.

Presentaton by Label Networks-Global Youth Culture Fashion Lifestyle Trends: New Focus from Music, Sports, Streets, Technology, Global Subcultures

Label Networks%uFFFD highly anticipated presentation at MAGIC Fashion Trade Show to deliver top trends and inspiration in global youth culture fashion.

Is India the New Market for Fashion Retailers? Zara from Spain, Thinks So

Seeking new markets in a global recession has become a popular trend among fashion retailers and it seems fast-fashion retailers are one step ahead of the curve.

Spain’s Fast-Fashion Chain Zara Opens Giant Flagship in Manhattan and Pushes Prices

In a unique move for a fast-fashion retailer, Zara’s offering borderline luxury prices for limited-edition high-end products bringing new meaning to hi-lo fashion in one store.

H&M X Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garcon-New Collection to be Released in November in Connection with Opening of H&M Store in Japan

On April 3, the fast-fashion retailer H&M announced it had officially chosen Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garcons to create the next designer collection coming out November, 2008. H&M, which has become known for producing “masstige” collaborations by bringing top-end designers and celebs to create limited-edition collections (i.e. Stella McCartney, Isaac Mizrahi, Madonna) at lower price points for the “masses” said in the statement that they have always wanted to have Rei Kawakubo on board as a guest designer.