In a smart move that matches the patterns of a new digital lifestyle of youth consumers Urban Outfitters is now offering its blog and shopping site via mobile phones a.k.a. m-commerce. While this is something we’ve written about often regarding shopping patterns and changes in the Japanese youth market Urban Outfitters is one of the largest youth culture retailers in the United States to offer up a similar solution.

In our North American Youth Culture Study 2009 one area we go into detail is the changing in shopping patterns and of course shopping via mobile phone or at least discovering locations sales promos via phone which are on the rise -even though the demand is not as high yet as it is in Japan. But this is the wave of the future for retail and it’s something that can actually enhance brick ‘n mortar stores malls online retailers and brands trying to reach a new demographic of consumers.

Urban Outfitters mobile ecomm system runs on Acuity Mobile’s eMAP platform that offers up both its blog which provides a sense of community and content and the option to shop for various items from Urban Outfitters online mobile store. It’s also compatible across platforms and phones meaning iPhone peeps will not get the advantage over say Blackberry users. With 144 stores across the United States Canada and Europe being able to find various items or shop directly via one’s cell phone is at the forefront of lifestyle patterns for a generation that tends to use their phone for everything.

Urban Outfitters which also includes brands such as Free People and stores such as Anthropologie has changed their mix of merchandise in the last few years to include a wide range of brands such as Betsey Johnson and Calvin Klein but also up-and-comers such as Silence & Noise. Like Hot Topic they’ve also tapped into band merch apparel plus music. By selling such a selection of items relevant to the lifestyle of youth culture today including key footwear brands denim accessories books and various oddities Urban Outfitters according to our data not only ranks well as a preferred retailer to shop in but as a brand itself. It’s a similar fate as Hot Topic and American Apparel whereby the store is also associated as a brand and vice versa (H&M and Uniqlo also fall into this category among a new generation of shoppers).

With their mcommerce capabilities fans of the brand will be able to tap into the U.O. community and mobile storefront.

A quick note on the U.O. blog: It’s one of the best we’ve seen in ages. Whoever’s writing it (based out of Philadelphia) clearly has a sense of humor and understands the importance of breaking bands retro/vintage fetishes new designers on the verge books and design. Unfortunately the blog is buried on the front page now rather than in a more prominent position as it was a year ago.

Overall such a strong combination of a great blog mcommerce solution and eclectic mix of store merchandising means that Urban Outfitters is on the leading-edge of where patterns are headed with youth culture digital lifestyles in general ranging from changes in their spending patterns increased access to mobile content and communication patterns.

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