Warped Tour 2012 dates announced.

In their earliest-ever release in their upcoming 18th-year history, the legendary Warped Tour has announced their dates for the 2012 summer season. This tour is the largest and longest-running tour in the United States (and Canada) and has become the quintessential rite-of-passage for youth culture for years. Do a key-word search on “Warped” for more stories, sponsorship programs, music, merch trends on our site for more information.

By announcing the dates so early, it also starts the hype-machine going for young people who look forward to this tour coming through their city all year long.

In 2012, the Warped Tour will kick-off several weeks earlier than in previous years, starting June 16 in Salt Lake City, UT, and ending on August 5th in Portland, OR.

Sponsors, musicians, and fans will be making plans accordingly.