WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy, the Swedish streetwear brand, has partnered with Bloomingdales to launch its 2008 Fall/Winter men’s line. In celebration of the partnership, WeSC, Bloomingdales, and Nylon threw a big bash at the 59th Street Bloomingdales in New York City on Thursday, September 18th. Gregor %u2013 the CEO and founder of WeSC %u2013 is very excited about this new collaboration with Bloomingdales. Attendees received an exclusive set of headphones made specifically for this launch party. One of the more interesting aspects of the headphones is the chord, which is fabric not rubber. It adds a unique, sophisticated edge to the product which is something WeSC does well.

In attendance were streetwear enthusiasts including skaters, hipsters, and fashionistas all coming together for this launch. There were drinks, photographers, giveaways, and a live DJ to keep the party going. People were lined up around the store waiting for their exclusive set of Oboe headphones.

The new line of men’s denim looks fantastic. Most of the washes are a medium to dark denim with a nice fitted leg, not too tight and not too loose. The highlight of the event for me, being a music enthusiast, were definitely the headphones which are comfortable in addition to looking and sounding great. WeSC has an entire series of headphones available in many different designs. They’re all “designed to fit the individual as much as the lifestyle,” according to WeSC, and this attention to detail is apparent in the purpose and design of each of the headphones. To make this collection even better, WeSC collaborated with musicians, artists, and athletes to create both the “Bongo Art Series” and “Oboe Activists Series” sets.

All in all, the WeSC/Bloomingdales launch was very exciting and this upcoming season will not only look great, but with your new WeSC headphones it’ll sound fantastic as well!