Joe Ciaglia%uFFFDs World%uFFFDs Largest Skateboard (WLS) and team riders.

When California Skateparks owner and co-designer of the world’s largest skateboard, Joe Ciaglia, tried to ride the beast himself and set a Guinness World Record, he got bounced like a ping-pong ball and bailed just before the 3,800 pound, 36-foot long skateboard with auto tires rolled in an enormous crash.

Of course the crew that rides the WLS (World’s Largest Skateboard) had a POV cam on the front of it so you could see the whole thing happen, which included Joe getting rolled by a wheel and his shoe popping off, but otherwise coming out OK.

The clip was posted on YouTube July 1, 2010, and has since passed the million viewer mark and just keeps going.

According to Joe in an article by Skate, he claims that the wipe-out probably perpetuated the number of views.

However it’s hard to know which is more hilarious -the wipe-out or watching the WLS “team” ride the giant skateboard, which Ciaglia said is best achieved using at least 5 people -one on each tire and a pilot in the middle calling out various “leaning” instructions.

The board is currently in Rob Dyrdek’s warehouse and will be pulled out as a prop for Dyrdek’s upcoming Street League skateboarding tour starting August 28th.

However Joe says they do plan on trying to achieve the Guinness World Record which currently stands at 26 riders, by attempting 40 riders managing to go at least 100 feet.