Volcom pops up with a theme as usual, this time it was all about Fun.

Photos by Tom Wallace and Kathleen Gasperini

There are several differences between Agenda, the NYC show, and the one last week August 3-4 in Huntington Beach. The West Coast version, while still showcasing some of the same brands we featured in the NYC version, is at home back to their roots in the West, and it’s apparent with the plethora of action sports fashion brands threaded throughout the entire show. Not only is there The Berrics for smaller skateboard related wares, footwear, decks, trucks, and hats, but the show’s gotten so big it’s blown-out it’s Hyatt Regency space with the addition of a huge white tent outside that is now full of brands that used to be at ASR.

Of course it helps this show that it takes place across the street during the Nike U.S. Open of Surfing, but it’s got its own momentum over the years, and it’s likely that Nike’s extravaganza across the street is actually benefitting from Agenda.

New brand Iron and Resin made an excellent debut.

In this story, we’re presenting it more as a photo report with captions because some of the key highlights of what’s up we wrote about a few weeks ago. However some things to note for sure from Agenda Huntington Beach were the inclusion of neon colors. From Supra to Native Footwear to Palladium to Hurley’s boardshorts, bright colors that pop actually compliment the ongoing camo-influences and it’s not uncommon, especially in street culture and youth culture, that both are purposely poised together. This show also featured many women’s brands (the NYC show took place during men’s fashion week), with some ’70’s and laid-back CA-vibe looks from QSW (Quiksilver Women’s.) Keep A Breast also hosted a buzzing booth with a new line featuring their signature black, red and white I Love Boobies graphics, tube socks, and rubber bracelets (in neon).

Supra and bright colors are popular.

Other aspects to note was the solid and growing moto-inspired section with Sullen, influenced by tattoo artistry, Famous Stars and Straps, Alpinestars, and Fox -the last two which have some of cutting-edge women’s apparel going on.

On the designer, perhaps slightly more high-end are slvdr (craftsman-inspired) and return of a retro-inspired Lighting Bolt both of which are getting a lot of attention lately, as well as a new brand called Iron and Resin. This brand features soft, faded shirts with retro ’70’s and 60’s type graphics, a nod to surf and classic motorcycles. The booth took great advantage of their space featuring a classic motorcycle, helmet, and their soft, off-white leather motorcycle gloves.

Entrance to the Grand Ballroom which is where a large portion of brands resided.

Staples such as Quiksilver, Volcom, Vans, Rusty were also showcasing some interesting new apparel and accessories for 2012, but what’s always been unique about Agenda is that it brings action sports brands right next streetwear and urbanwear such as Crooks & Castles, LRG, Undefeated, Ambig, SneakTip, The Hundreds, and 10 Deep. This is where you can start to see the crossover and brands like WESC, 686, RVCA, and Akomplice are great examples. And of course there are others that skirt the edges of music-inspired DJ culture like Mishka, Rocksmith-Wutang Brand, Obey (street art inspired also), and Glamour Kills which practically started via the band merch route. This is why massively huge brands such as Puma, Adidas Originals, Pro Keds, LaCoste, and PF Flyers showcase their limited-edition or special footwear lines at Agenda -the stuff you’re not going to see blown-out in a Target-near-you.

Bro-brah at the Berrics.

Check-out the photo report below for more details and directional ideas and trends.

More from the Berrics which is loaded with smaller skateboard brands–decks, trucks, wheels, but also core skate footwear such as DC Skateboard sneaks and others.

Crooks and Castles had it going on as usual.

Cool to think you can have Crooks and LaCoste (their special line) both within this show and it works.

This is the big white tent which housed many brands now showing at Agenda that used to be mostly at ASR.

Striped shirts with a Pendleton like flare are popular. It has a surf-inspired vibe. Stripes and flannel checks, and camo are ongoing popular patterns.

Within this vein is 686%uFFFDs checks and flannel. Unique button-up that is both street and upper urban skate.

The thing about Akomplice is that they too cross lines from hip-hop inspiration to prep. Some pieces, like their Yale top is obviously Ivy League inspired and Americana and heritage, but they also have some very clean lines in T-shirt graphics. They are also one of the few incorporating technology within their booth space with online Lookbooks for buyers making it easier to view, then pull samples, without requiring all samples and colors to be there onsite.

Palladium has had an amazing run of it with their Explorations campaign. In this show, they feature their signature lightweight crossover/sneaker boot but in neon colors popular with youth culture.

On a darker, moto-inspired note, there was a huge section for such brands and Sullen is a kingpin. They have top tattoo artists designing their graphics.

Adidas Originals will exhibit at this show because it%uFFFDs such a crossover.

Fox has a big booth for Agenda including full men%uFFFDs and women%uFFFDs collections, and eyewear. Lots of buyers for both genders now check out Fox. And their moto-roots and logo go a long way.

LRG sporting the camo designs and dark denim, fitted cap.

Hurley and their latest campaign which was everywhere across the street at the Nike U.S. Open is still going with Phantom neon boardshorts. This is the women%uFFFDs collection.

Nvrbrkn in The Berrics section continues to rock the skate world.

Mishka has a strong streetwear collection, with pops of neon, not to mention their own urban vinyl toys which they sometimes showcase at Comicopn and various shows.

ProKeds brings a classic side to streetwear and it totally fits into the realm.

Agenda shows often feature a top street artist, often from The Seventh Letter Crew. This was a piece displayed in the frotn entrance of the show.

Iron and Resin also has motocross jackets in a very soft leather. Part of their display at Agenda.

Close-up of the bright colors coming from Supra and classic, simple styles.