Bread & Butter’s opening party always provides the fashion trade show with a festival-like atmosphere. That was also the intention with the Consumer Days idea, which has now been canceled for the July show. The Opening Party will continue though on July 8, 2014.

After getting a great deal of pressure from exhibitors and fashion industry leaders about Bread & Butter’s decision to add two consumer days to the end of their upcoming trade show in July, director, Karl-Heinz Muller has announced today, February 25, 2014, that they will remain an industry only show after all.

The aim for the consumer days, which was announced in mid-December 2013, was to provide the exhibiting brands, labels and designers with an additional marketing tool to directly address the end consumer. In a combination with concerts, fashion shows and brand focused events, an interactive “lifestyle festival” was to be created.

Bread & Butter for select brands.

According to Bread & Butter,  the idea seemed natural in theory, but de facto confronted the exhibitor with additional cost-intensive, logistic and organizational challenges.

Due to this set of problems, the plan “Public Days” led to controversial discussions within the whole industry. Reactions are ranging from euphoric enthusiasm to total rejection.

Karl-Heinz Müller: “It remains our aim to offer our exhibitors and the specialist retailer an ideal, contemporary platform for communication and business. Especially following the very successful January event, we are reassured to continue our previous path focused and undeterred.”

“Therefore, we meet the wish of the majority of our exhibiting brands and the specialist retail: the planned Public Days are cancelled, BREAD & BUTTER – tradeshow for selected brands remains a professional tradeshow, for industry professionals only.”

Other news from Bread & Butter is that their marketing director Joey Elgersma has left the company. Elgersma was previously the guy behind the Sport & Street Area and many people in action sports and streetwear knew him well. A year ago he was promoted to Marketing Director. There is no explanation given as to why Elgersma has left the company after 4 years, only to sat that his duties will be taken over by the Board of Directors.

BREAD & BUTTER – tradeshow for selected brands will take place at the Airport Berlin-Tempelhof, July 8-10, 2014.