Collaborations continue to be the strong path of least resistance when it comes to adding excitement to brands looking to move into, or create new niches, and to keep consumer’s shopping experience exiting. In our latest collaboration round-up, not only have fashion brands, stores, streetwear, sneakers, and magazines collaborated in unique ways, but also producers with electronics, as indicated by the recent designer headphones by Dr. Dre and Monster Cable. Supposedly, these headphones are so dope it makes your music sound like it was fresh from the studio. Key features are the noise reduction, strong bass levels, and removable cable which you can use with your cell phone. Cost: 350 Euros (will be available soon in the States). Also on the designer headphone topic, it should also be noted that Nixon, the action-sports-based watch company (bought by Billabong) is also dropping fresh headphones called the Master Blaster, Nomadic, and Wire, as they move into this growing category of accessories.

Married to the Mob, the up-and-coming streetwear brand for women out of NYC, has collaborated with Nike on a pair of Dunk Hi Supremes coming in classic colors of black and white with the MOB logo on the lacelock and on the side in golden clips. The materials are notable in black patent leather and white tweed. Expect these must-have sneakers for freakers to drop on November 9th.

Lanvin worked with Acne Jeans out of Sweden to produce a limited-edition collection for guys and girls with 40 designs by Lanvin and produced by Acne. Sorry, I don’t have a picture.

Lacoste, the traditional European alligator-logo brand that was hot, then cold, and now it hot again like many other preppy vintage brands (i.e., Sperry Topsiders, Fred Perry) has teamed up with Shoes Up Magazine with a very cool sneaker collection. Only 160 pairs will be on the market. The shoes are black woolen with a small logo and pays tribute to French Beret from Pays Basque where Rene Lacoste was from. Cost $175.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright (BSSB), one of our favorite Harajuku clothing brands, is creating a pop-up shop inside concept store colette in Paris this month as an overall tribute to their Tomoko Sawada Exhibition featuring the fashion of Harajuku girls. BSSB is a label that represents the Japanese Lolita subculture of sweet Lolita’s with a French, 19th century twist (see Label Networks story “Gothic & Lolita Bible Provides Insight into the Victorian/Music Inspired Street Fashion Trends Behind One of the Fastest Growing Subcultures in America” at: