Jeffrey Wang's sculpture from denim jeans called "Persona." Photos by NeoCha.

NeoCha’s latest artist highlight is Taiwanese designer Jeffrey Wang who created a unique sculpture series using Levi’s denim jeans in a show called “Persona” depicting a variety of different ways to use denim as art.

Jeffrey Wang is a graduate from Parsons School of Design and described him project in a unique fashion:

By Jeffrey Wang.

“The main purpose of this project PERSONA was to use recycled denim jeans and create art pieces from it. In creating this project I think it was very important that we kept the “raw” personality of denim jeans and applying it like a sculpture so there was no cutting, sewing or any use of fashion technical skills. The only thing used to hold the jeans together were safety pins. In staying true to the shape and personality of denim jeans, even if we took it apart all the jeans still hold its original shape and can still be worn, a true recyclable project.”

Utilizing denim as art is an ongoing trend among a variety of designers and artists, and inspires new ways to look at familiar workwear and fashion.

Denim sculpture by Jeffrey Wang in "Persona."