Dr. Marten's X Pendleton bring the iconic punk rock boot and Americana together.

It’s no wonder that this latest collaboration has been turning heads in streetwear circles and the blogasphere. The British iconic punk rock boot, Dr. Marten’s latest collaboration with the ultimate Americana brand Woolen Mills Pendleton with a Native-American inspired fabric, is a hot item for guys and girls this winter.

While we don’t usually report on latest sneaker-freaker collabs (because there are many of them), this particular one has carries special meaning. First, Pendleton has become the new defacto brand of the cool and hipster. From its roots as the original blanket and brand of surfers from the days of the Beach Boys, to the variety of unique collaborations—from urban vinyl toys to varsity inspired jackets, to Ivy league tailored prep looks, Pendleton is on a tear of coolness.

Dr. Marten’s, which have never really disappeared as a favorite festival boot, often retailed to the punk rock roots of London’s Sex Pistols and fashion icons such as Vivienne Westwood, continue to evolve and maintain their status as a key youth culture footwear choice.

Dr. Marten's X Pendleton in black.

The British brand has also moved an office and manufacturing facility right near Pendleton in Portland, OR. So, when the collaboration was first revealed at last August’s Project Trade Show, which is where we first noticed the unique concept, it wasn’t that much of a leap after all.

The results are boots and bags that are basically, unisex and tap into today’s generation of post-gender aesthetics. The colorways are either in Cherry Red or Black utilizing a Pagosa Springs theme in the woolen fabrics. The collection has just been released in various boutiques and online stores for a limited run.

The video depicting the creation of the boot also taps into the Americana trend and growing importance of Made in America. Check it out.