Dress Right events always provide an interesting occasion to not only get out and socialize, but to see some of the best in street fashion, including vintage and new designers. At this show, which was a collaboration with Apartment 3 and 80’s Purple (thus the purple wigs on models), hosted during LA Designers & Agents, Transit, and Brighte Shows at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles, Dress Right served up a balanced runway show featuring Converse by John Varvatos, Orthodox, Hellz Bellz, and accessories brand Han Cholo. Apartment 3 was also on hand creating their pop-up vintage store mixed with various new designers, while music was provided was MIA’s Addiction and Brother Reade.

Typical of a Dress Right affair, you have to dress right to get in but this usually means being street-savvy, which attracts the uber-hipster crowd of Los Angeles. Here’s the lowdown on the featured brands showcased:

Hellz Bellz
Even as a leading street/contemporary fashion brands for women, this Winter collection we think is one of their best collections to date. Inspired from the 1960’s-70’s sexploitation flicks like Switchblade Sisters, Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill Kill, and others, this collection, called appropriately “BulletProof Sisters” charges forward into the new millennium with bold plaids, double jeans, and savvy jackets.

The plaid poncho, jersey jacket, and pinstriped short jackets are each statement pieces meant for girls looking for something that’s street-savvy yet chic for fall and winter. One of our favorite pieces however is the double jeans. In dark indigo, these jeans appear to have a double waistline but are really just one jean. It reminds us of fashionistas in Tokyo who sometimes wear two pairs of high-end jeans with the outside pair rolled down slightly from the waistline to reveal the second pair beneath.

Beautiful dresses by Apartment 3, some new designers and vintage recontextualized. Interestingly, use of metallics, flowing fabrics and color are as new-school today as they were in the past.

Orthodox, Converse, and Han Cholo rounded-out the rest of the show with jackets, stripes, and classic hoodies. Mostly for males, the new silhouettes in jackets were interesting including multi-pockets, emphasis on textures including shiny and metallic fabrics, and wool. You also see this emphasis in women%uFFFDs tights and other apparel pieces from Orthodox for women and Converse.