For the Love of Hoodies.

What most people may not know is that Kickstarter’s most successful fashion-inspired campaign to date is based on a company’s goal to create the “10-Year-Hoodie.” The idea? To buck the trends of “planned obsolescence” incorporated in most manufacturing processes in fashion. The brand is called Flint and Tinder and its founder, Jake Bronstein, says his campaign is intended to signal a “battle cry, a line in the sand, a flag we hope you’ll wave with us.”

The 10-Year Hoodie campaign so far has 6,000 participants and has raised now almost $700,000 and actually surpassed its goal.

What’s also compelling about this is how hoodies have grown in importance in fashion itself, especially among youth culture. Not just as a fashion staple but also along lines of rebellion, bucking trends of society, whether it be to highlight planned obsolescence or created to represent a new punk rock identity of style. In this Future Consumers Report we drill-down into Hoodie Culture, provide data on what young people think, and why you should know about this subculture of fashion, which in many ways has shaped many style and retail trends.

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