Legendary graffiti artist Saber is known for his LA style brought to a global level. Often commissioned now to do murals, corporate branded graffiti campaigns, and other things, he’s highly regarded in the street and graffiti art today for his work and provocative ideas.

In this piece from JetSetGraffiti, you can see a time-lapse of Saber’s recent submission to President Barack Obama’s video challenge for Organizing America’s Health Reform. Using his graffiti art style and time-lapse imagery, Saber gets his point across quickly, while at the same time relating to youth culture today that completely gets how this type of art video reveals a multi-layered message in an urban landscape of America in 30 seconds.

For more information about Saber and his thoughts on graffiti, apparel, global street art and culture, and brands using street artists to gain credibility, check out one of Label Networks TV’s most popular clips on Saber below. Although originally filmed in 2007, it clearly remains relevant with more than 43,000 views to date.