R.I.P. Skateboarder Mag.

Grind Media, which purchased Transworld and all of its action sports titles in May, 2013, and whom shuttered Surf magazine within weeks of the purchase, has now shuttered the last remaining aspects of Skateboarder Mag, the digital version, as of October 16.

In February of this year, Grind Media touted its new and improved online version of Skateboarder Mag with more videos, photos, and features than ever before, but this also meant that the print version would no longer be available.

As it often goes with print pubs that move to online only, it’s a matter of time before that, too, gets shuttered.

“Unfortunately market conditions have forced us to have to make the difficult decision to cease publication of Skateboarder,” said Norb Garrett, SVP Group Publisher of GrindMedia. “It’s especially disappointing given the strong interest and initial success we’ve had with the new digitally focused editions; our Skateboarder team has worked incredibly hard producing a cutting-edge product that has been successful at reaching a larger audience online. We will take all of the learnings from Skateboarder’s efforts and apply them to TransWorld Skateboarding and our other brands as the digital model has demonstrated real promise.”

Skateboarder’s editorial staff and publisher will remain on through October to support the release and distribution of the final issue and continue to support the website.

R.I.P. Skateboarder Mag.