Incase’s Ecoya fabric bags and backpacks push utility with style and sustainability.

It’s been clear from the beginning that the designers of the brand Incase targets someone who appreciates the Apple-aesthetic and thinks of their backpacks as an extension of their lifestyles. Instead a loads of straps for carabiners, it’s more important to have departments for one’s tablet, iPhone, or GoPro set-up. It takes into account the themes of action, sound, and vision. Meaning that this buyer is active and inspired, but from a different viewpoint which includes style, functionality, and music, for example, as a key component to their experiences.

This is one reason why Incase could be seen exhibiting at shows like Agenda, SIA, and even Outdoor Retailer. One thing that you do see way more at shows such as Agenda and even at SIA (within the snowboard brand areas) are keen attention to music listening devices, including designer headphones, wired jackets, and tech-driven backpacks for the tech, selfie, and GoPro generation.

So, it comes as no surprise that yesterday, September 15, Incase announced that they were purchased by Incipio Technologies, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Incipio is currently targeting brands that bring a new dimension of design innovation and brand authenticity with a rich heritage and deep connection to creative cultures around the globe.

“This is a monumental event for us. I’ve always admired the brand for their exceptional products and impeccable curation. Over the years, Incase has continued to maintain a strong position within the market, and by doing so they’ve been able to create a cult-following of loyal brand advocates,” states Andy Fathollahi, Founder and CEO of Incipio Technologies Inc. “The acquisition of such a coveted brand is of great significance to me and the rest of the team here at Incipio. Both brands stand for quality and protection and with Incase as part of the Incipio family, we will be able to strategically place the Incase brand alongside our portfolio of owned and licensed brands to maximize category performance.”

Leveraging Incipio’s global distribution network and world-class logistics and operational foundation, Incase will be bolstering its own infrastructure with an appetite for growth.

“This is a monumental event for us,” says Tony Held, Incase Co-Founder and CEO. “Andy and the Incipio team have a deep understanding of our brand and they are aligned with us on the go-forward strategy. This partnership will serve to be extremely instrumental to Incase’s growth and will provide us with the means to deliver a better experience through good design to a much larger audience worldwide.”

“There is a great synergy here,” says Moses Aipa, Incase VP of Brand and Creative. “As we continue down the path to evolve the brand while expanding our product offering through the creative lifestyles of our consumers, it’s amazing to know that we will have such a strong support system behind us through this partnership with Incipio.”