Oakley's new Airwave goggle.

Oakley has always been known for having some of the most leading-edge eyewear, from lenses that can practically stop a speeding bullet to fielding text messages and phone calls. Their latest innovation in this season’s goggle launch however takes the cake: Called the Airwave, this goggle, which looks more like large golden ant eyes, will be available on Halloween, and comes with so many technical features, that even Apple stores find them worthy to carry.

Oakley partnered with Recon Instruments to create a display in the goggle with a “host of onboard sensors to bring a new possibility to the alpine experience.” Basically, they not only shield one’s eyes from harsh weather while riding or skiing, but they also provide jump analytics, resort navigation info, vertical feet, speed, a sideview of incoming calls and texts, and your music playlist which is easily accessible without having to take off your glove. And, yes, they don’t fog-up.

According to Oakley CEO Colin Baden, “Our icon defines the leading edge of performance innovation, and the new Airwave goggle brings alpine sports into the future with a stunning array of capabilities. It utilizes cutting-edge electronics to give skiers and riders instant access to a world of information. Airwave represents the power and possibility of technology, and it comes with world-class optical performance, comfort and protection engineered over decades of Oakley innovation.”

In addition, according to Oakley, “Airwave is compatible with both Apple® and Android® operating systems. Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity allows the goggle to interface with the wearer’s smartphone, heart rate monitor and more. The Oakley Airwave App, which will be available at http://www.oakley.com/airwave, offers wide-ranging capabilities to reinvent the alpine sport experience and will be upgraded frequently for even more features.”

Oakley Airwave will be available for purchase at Oakley Stores and Oakley.com; Apple.com and Apple Stores in North America, Europe and Japan; SunglassHut.com; ReconInstruments.com; and select retail locations including a range of resort destinations starting on Wednesday, Oct. 31.