K-Swiss launches The Board campaign to bring in new young creatives for rebranding, design, social media. DJ Diplo is the collaborator.

In a recent collaboration with producer, DJ Diplo, K-Swiss is attempting a new campaign that calls in young entrepreneurs to help them rebuild the brands from design to marketing, advertising, social media promotion, and various creative endeavors. This is another interesting example of figuring out ways to bring in the consumer into the process of creation, and cross-promoting through music.

Called “The Board” it is aimed at empowering fans through social interaction whereby the first 100 applicants will then be narrowed down to 6 winners who will be selected for the new campaigns for K-Swiss. The Board will essentially be calling the shots for K-Swiss to follow. The deadline is April 30, 2015.

According to Barney Waters, chief marketing officer of K-Swiss Global Brands, “Young people want their own brands, their own voice and their own businesses. K-Swiss is committed to outfitting and inspiring this generation of entrepreneurs. We have created a program with substance, where our customers get involved in the process of rebuilding K-Swiss and make real contributions.”

From the Board campaign.

Here’s how it works according to Diplo:
My name is Diplo. I’m a DJ, music producer, songwriter and entrepreneur.

K-Swiss has been in the game since 1966 and is one of the all-time classic sneaker brands. I’m part of the team that’s bringing the brand back to prominence, and I’m looking for 100 of the most creative and connected people to work with me, as part of ‘The Board’.

I’ll be bringing in some of my friends to help, experts in marketing, design, branding and business. They’ll drop knowledge and then we’ll have real tasks to work on, including sneaker design, brand positioning, social media and more.  What ‘The Board’ decides, K-Swiss will do. You’ll be in the driving seat.

So, hurry up and apply…we’ve got work to do!

Complete the application, to tell us who you are and what you’re about. We’re looking for creative and connected people from around the world. This is your opportunity to shine.

Stay Tuned! On April 30th, when the application period ends, we’ll make our selections and assemble the most dynamic, creative and global crew.

Those of you who make The Board will receive further instructions of how to log-in to the Members site to participate in the sessions. Simple, right?

Check it out.