From the Ksubi vignette for the Kolor Project.

Ksubi is an Australian denim brand mostly known for their skinny denim colored jeans and edgy runway and marketing campaigns. While the brand has undergone some extreme changes since last year, they appear to be on the comeback trail with a new structure and marketing campaign called The Kolor Project, which brings them back to their roots.

According to Paul Wilson, Global Brand Director and co-founder of the brand, “In reaction to a rather dull denim palette of late, Ksubi has chosen to bring back its colored denim that we were renowned for back in 2004.”

Based on our youth culture research, when it comes to denim, colored denim is still in high regard among this marketplace, as well as skinny denim, and skate-inspired designs, which means if the price point is right, Ksubi may be on track again.

Colored denim and low-riders, and higher waisted skinny denim, are among top styles within youth culture.Featured here are Ksubi’s latest collection.

For their sort-of-a-relaunch, they turned to short film director Daniel Askill who took the colored denim concept and mixed old with new, featuring a beautiful hue of colors such as faded red, yellow, and purple colored smoke coming out of the tires of 80’s muscle cars as 3 models, Bambi Northwood-Blythe, Cisco Gorrow, and Heidi Harrington-Johnson jump over the cars in a battle at the urban wasteland they appear to be in. It’s a Mad Max denim dreamscape. And completely captivating as it’s all done in slow-motion.

Captivating images from The Kolor Project campaign incorporating urban landscapes, color, 80’s muscle cars, and a battle.

Ksubi as a brand also makes sunglasses, which are quite well known in the U.S., as well as footwear. Their main stores are in Australia and New Zealand, but they also have stores from the U.S. to the UK, Isreal, and South Korea, among other locations.

ksubi kolors from ksubi on Vimeo.