It was announced last September that Levi Strauss in Europewas going to launch their own mobile phone” but now it’s on the market officially as of this month with limited edition pieces such as the distinctive red-tab colored top with personalized etching sold in concept boutiques such as Collette in Paris.

The idea of a fashion icon label making their own phone is a smart move. As we’ve tracked at Label Networks, cell phones, are the most important electronic device “I own” when asked in our Pan-European Youth Culture Report among 15-30-year-olds across the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany not to mention in our North American Youth Culture Study.

The Levi’s Red-Tab version is not only super slim, but features an MP3 player, Bluetooth stereo, 2 Megapixel camera with a flash. The special editions at Collette for example, also feature a premium presentation box and chain wallet-like chain.

The Levi’s Mobile Phone was designed by the illustrious team Modelabs out of France who are also the designers behind a new Hummer-branded mobile phone coming next. While the Levi’s Mobile Phone is pricey (some estimates have it more than $520) you can expect that future editions will fill a niche among people looking for a special cell phone, that like a great pair of Levi’s, fits into their lifestyle.

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