It’s all about the zig-zag in the Missoni X Target collaboration. Photos courtesy of Target.

Ironically, one of the highlights at the launch of New York Fashion Week this week was the Missoni for Target pop-up shop at Bryant Park. It was created to be a precursor to the online sales at of the fashion collaboration, which then rolls out to Targets across the country.

The pop-up shop itself was unique featuring a 25-foot Twitter doll dressed in zig-zag Missoni holding a giant iPhone that supposedly worked. Employees at the pop-up had to use a ladder and long polls to tweet messages from the doll’s hand holding her iPhone.

There were also hordes of houseware and travel pieces in Missoni signature colors, and striped bikes going for $400 a pop. While that may not seem very masstige-friendly (when high-end designers create something for the masses at less expensive prices) the Fall collection is pretty reasonable. It also gives Target a huge boost in credibility.

The headbands and ponchos are cool.
Already, as we’ve seen in our Summer, and now upcoming Fall Youth Culture Study 2011 (to be released this week!), shopping at the giant chain is no longer considered uncool among youth culture.

The pop-up store in New York had to shutter a day early because they ran out of goods. And today, September 13, the day that the Missoni X Target collection is available online, the site has crashed, at our last count, at least 3 times.

Pop-up shop worker helping the giant Twitter Missoni X Target doll tweet during the NYC pop-up shop. Photo from

While New York Fashion Week continues to roll-out in traditional style with high-end designers displaying latest collections that quite frankly, most of America cannot afford, trends practically have to continue in the direction of masstige collaborations -for the designer in order to stay relevant to a new generation of careful shoppers, for the fashion industry towards creating excitement in retail to get people to keep buying (Fashion’s Night Out? Losing steam ), and for consumers to get what they ask for at a price they can afford.

Cute winter looks with the hats and arm sleeves.

Looking Chanel-esque in a Missoni type of way.

Bikini top and headband and baggy pants–it’s Missoni Hammer-time.