Native American prints and camo jackets continue to be popular with Americana themes.

There’s no denying that Capsule fashion trade show has a unique niche in the fashion industry, capturing the buyers and exhibitors that are interested in higher end design with a streetwear and outdoor edge. One of smaller shows that takes place during Magic Market Week, it still attracts an cross-section of brands, from SLVR Adidas to Deus ex Machina and brings with it, a slew of fashion industry players that seek out the trendsetting collections for coveted boutiques.

Capsule in Vegas February 19-20, 2013 was also just coming off one of its largest shows ever, it’s Paris Men’s show, following it’s Berlin exhibition just days before that. Capsule, it appears, is everywhere, and it can be because the show’s design relies more on open spaces, racks as walls, and an aesthetic that inspires networking with other brands that stay true to a smaller booth format. (One of their best shows are their New York locations).

SLVR brings sneaker-boot-platforms to new heights.

Last year, we’d noticed a strong association with a new aesthetic of outdoor wear, but less technical and more high-style. The representation of the outdoors is still going strong and can be seen often at Capsule, ranging from emergency accessories for the outdoors, to a plethora of jackets with Native American prints, and camo motifs but updated with unique colors, tighter patterns, and mismatched on jackets, button downs, and pants. It’s not the kind of outdoor wear you’d see at Outdoor Retailer, but more along the lines of what an urban dweller’s outdoor experience may be, i.e. going camping in a local designated campground rather than basecamp on Mt. Everest.

Urban cycling gets a high-end designer look.

Interestingly, plaids are still strongly in the mix and were on bold display from a number of brands at Capsule, including the staple houndstooth version of black and red on tailored pants. Plaids mixed with camo indicate a strong crossover trend as well and is moving into a different usage on buttoned-down shirts and jackets. One of the most interesting aspects of the women’s brands at the show included footwear changes, notably by SLVR from Adidas. From bright red hightops with white soles, to platform boots with a sneaker vibe, they are the types of shoes that capture certain sporty urban fashionistas. It also takes into account the fanciful aspects of clubbers needing a street-edge which fit in perfectly with the types of people to walk this show.

Plaids on pants and plaids in general among key items at Capsule.

More Images:

Platform sneakers from Adidas.
Leopard prints in shirts and patterns overall remain popular.
Outdoor vest from Manastash featuring deer.
Capsule has an area for buying retro sunglasses, twill letters, leather belts, and more, indicating what’s trending now.
Jack Spades minimal booth and cool hamburger stools.
Socks and brands dedicated to socks is a growing subcutlure and strong among youth culture.
Native American print bags in the accessories for sale section.