Vintage Skateboarder Magazines are already hot items on eBay. They just got more expensive with the shuttering of the print version this week.

While Skateboarder Magazine, owned by GrindMedia, touted its new and improved online version with more videos, photos, and features than ever before, the bad news that subscribers received in a letter with their Feb/March 2013 issue was that the print version would no longer be available.

Subscribers of the print issues were offered the option to get Snowboarder or Surfer Magazine instead (as though those are the same things), or a refund.

The shuttering of yet another print publication isn’t all that surprising, especially for a magazine dedicated to a very tech-savvy youth audience, but there’s still a twinge of sorrow from the fact that Skateboarder, which is the original mag for the sport, is shuttering what was once it’s main format.

You can bet that all those vintage Skateboarder Magazines on eBay just increased their prices.

RIP Skateboarder Magazine—in print.