The New Order premiere issue 01 by Slamxhype

You have to give this famous street blog credit for launching a print magazine during the cusp of an international depression, but they have and it’s called The New Order. Slamxhype, for those of you living in a media fog for the past 5 years, is one of the quintessential streetwear, sneaker culture, fast-talking blogs of urban and street culture. Often compared to Hypebeast (yes, they both use the word “hype”), the two blogs have regular updates on the latest sneaker drops in particular (boarding on resembling a running p.r. campaign for Nike and there are loads of conspiracy theories surrounding this),with interesting stories on street artists, music, and other street fashion launches.

The New Order by Slamxhype is a quarterly print that we hope will inspire other magazines stuck in the old-order of how magazines are usually done, to take a lesson. For example, in the 01 premiere issue, they have an interesting interview with Conor Harrington about the meaning of his artwork from the street to the gallery, and an informative breakdown from Stacey Peralta about the Crips & Bloods and the made-in-America gang warfare. They also have serious-cred in our book for having landed artist, filmmaker, and curator, Aaron Rose as a columnist. In this issue, he talks about his recent trip to Berlin. And true to their sneaker culture roots, they get in-depth with Japanese sneaker designers and now fashion apparel manufacturers, Visvim.

The progress of this magazine should be interesting to watch. What with other mags boarding on maga-logues like Antennae, Complex looking thinner and more pamphlet-like by the issue, MissBehave going digital, and Nylon growing more nauseating, we hope The New Order will be a much needed breath of fresh street air.