Converse BFF DIY styling.

The quintessential icon of music, rebellion, and style, Converse, the sneaker brand, has become synonymous with youth culture across a broad range of genres and continents. In the case of this story, and in honor of the new leader in China, Xi Jinping, which may have a significant effect on USA X China relations in the near future, we’re concentrating on China and its 300 million youth culture population.

The idea for this Report, which we quickly dubbed “The People’s Republic of Converse” started when we first witnessed a Converse ad that was made for China streetwear magazines back in 2009. The People’s Republic of Converse of course reflects what’s been going on with the brand among youth culture in China, but also symbolizes how youth culture in general tends to think of this brand as “their own” and not necessarily as a brand from the United States.

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