Twitter Music will keep the iconic blue bird.

After buying the music sourcing platform We Are Hunted last year, there has been ongoing speculation that Twitter was readying for something big. Now it appears, a new app called Twitter Music may be released as early as the end of this month, March, 2013.

Twitter Music, like many other apps that sync like-minded friends to similar musical tastes like Pandora and Spotify, is apparently using the technology from We Are Hunted and making it Twitter-ized with suggestion tabs, popular and emerging features, and #NowPlaying hashtagging.

This news is on the heels of Facebook reworking its platform including the music section in its News Feed to try and gain more traction.  Competitors in the landscape of capturing more users, Twitter followers tend to include a large portion of musicians and is increasingly becoming important to various youth culture demographics, as outlined in Label Networks’ Spring Youth Culture Study 2013.

As young people tend to be the early adopters migrating to various social media platforms, it will be crucial to see what happens with Twitter Music and if the app taps into the Twitterati successfully.

So far, TwitterMusic has 2.3 million followers and it hasn’t even launched. The app will keep with the blue bird icon. We Are Hunted workers have been utilizing the #NowPlaying hasgtag for a few months.

Stay tuned for more info posting soon. Meanwhile, for information about music listening patterns, social network preferences and changes among youth culture, contact us at about the Spring Youth Culture Study 2013.

Label Networks’ 13th Annual Spring Youth Culture Study 2013.