Volley’s launch in the United States.

Volley is an Australian quintessential sneaker with a unique past, and now Americans can get a taste of what Aussies have always loved as the brand debuted in the States at Project Fashion Trade Show last month, featuring “The O.C.” and “The International” designs. We were fortunate enough to be invited to the private party kick-off event to check out the new collection, which took place at the legendary Skyloft at the MGM Grand, featuring Australia singer Ben Lee in a unique, personal performance.

Ben Lee delivers an amazing performance at the private party kick-off at the Skyloft at the MGM Grand. Volley in a case in the foreground.

As one of several noteworthy “heritage launches” that took place during the show, Volley, which was first launched in 1939, is a heritage brand with an interesting sporting past and unique potential future. The International was once worn as a tennis shoe circa 1971 by Evonne Goolagon who won Wimbledon that year, then later in 1976 by Mark Edmundson who won the Australian Open in a pair. The O.C. takes its inspiration from Rhode Island yachting -back in production after a 30 year hiatus.

The simple, slim silhouettes are on target with current sneaker trends, and the various color waves will probably make them a hit with youth culture in the next season. Other contributing factors are their price point and availability: Retailing at $35 and available at urbanoutfitters.com as of this Fall season.

Volley has also been named as part of the official Australian Olympic uniform for the 2012 Summer Games.

Check them out:

Blue, green, red, and shades of grey among the various colors.