The fast, nail-biter race of the first-ever Women’s MotoX Racing event in the X Games August 2 had fans on their feet as the lead riders switched up while others crashed and some went for big air tricks off massive SuperCross kickers. Unlike what most of these girls ride in the Nationals, the X Games course was a Supercross which most had never before experienced until it came to practice a few days before the finals. The course included several jumps that required sheer nerve to clear, say nothing about the tight course and other obstacles. Yet Tarah Geiger pulled ahead in the end, while catching big air and doing her own version of MotoX freestyle tailwhips, ending with a fist-pump to cheering fans at the checkered flag.

But she didn’t have it in the bag at all. Actually, Jessica Patterson was the one ahead for most of the race, but lost control which gave an advantage for Tarah, Sherri Cruse, and Tatum Sik to move ahead. In a Danny Way move, Jessica got back up and blasted back into the race, moving into first again.
Tarah however, kept tight and in the end, passed Jessica on a big inside curve which caused Jessica to spill again. It was then that Sherri and Tatum just skirted by Jessica at the checkered flag to come in for the silver and bronze. “I hope this will open the doors for other girls,” said Tarah at the follow-up press conference. If Tarah’s actions are any indication, women MotoX racers’ camaraderie shows just how different this version of MotoX Racing is: just days previous, she helped fellow competitor Sherri Cruse figure out how to do the big jump.

“Tarah told me that if I wanted in this race, I would have to do the jump eventually, but I was scared at first,” explained Sherri about her scariest experience towards winning the bronze. “But Tarah helped me out and I did it finally in practice and pulled it off in the race. I just can’t believe it. I’ve never done something like this before.” Many questions from press focused also on the fact that these girls were getting big air and doing freestyle tricks. As Tarah half-jokingly stated, “I like mixing it up with freestyle -I mean, I’m trying to get into the [Metal} Mulisha!”

The reaction from the packed stadium from watching the high level of skill, speed, and freestyle tricks taking place on the SuperCross course should prove just how viable women’s MotoX events are not only in the X Games, but other races as well. “I just hope that the AMA see we were trying really hard and should be equal and can put on a great show for fans,” explained Tarah. “This is a great experience. I really like being the first girl to win gold in the X Games and being in the X Games. I don’t think it could have gotten any better.”