Elissa Steamer has always been among the leaders in street skateboarding, starting off as one of the few ever seen in the plethora of skateboarding videos on the market. She took home the gold medal at the X Games 3-years running until last year, when Marisa Dal Santo seemed to come out of nowhere and claimed victory.

But on August 1 in Los Angeles, during the X Games 14, Elissa rose to the occasion winning with a combined score in 3 very tight heats, especially with a high kick-flip over the China gap with less than 3 seconds on the clock, and landing several rail slides over a double staircase in the final heat.

“I’ve been living and breathing skating everyday the last couple years, not just skating when I felt like it.” Elissa said, “Obviously it paid off.”

Marisa however captured everyone’s attention mostly during the last heat down a rail slide staircase, by landing tough kickflips and then pulling a noseslide down the railing and claiming the silver.

Amy Caron surprised even herself by taking home the bronze thanks to a relentless 3 heats where she consistently went big, but in the end, proved her mettle on the double stairs landing kick flips.

“To be on the podium with [Elissa] and competing on her level is awesome,” said Amy at the podium about her bronze.

Overall, the stadium was packed for the women’s street skateboarding event, indicating that fans love to watch this event and adding fuel to the growing fire of women’s skateboarding overall.