There’s a growing colorwave going on across the United States that after a summer’s worth of road photo reports, indicates a key aspect of fashion, accessory, and footwear styles among youth culture. It’s the color yellow -and not a bright lemony version, but more Crayola red-yellow version. Not to be confused with the mash-up technicolors of nu ravers, the yellow-fans use their coveted color carefully.

We first started picking up on it actually, last year when we wrote about the strong assortment of yellow bags that were preferred by fashion leaders, including yellow and black plaids, yellow pleather bags, and yellow oversized purses, but since then, the yellow color movement has taken off into new directions.

The story of yellow can be traced right along with the rising popularity last summer of the punk-pop band Paramore, and the lead singer Hayley Williams. Known for her orange and red hair, and her popular apparel choice of wearing stovepipe yellow denim pants, fans of the band including guys and girls, started copying her look. First it was accessories, then in denim, to the point where now, you’ll see just as many guys sporting yellow denim as girls. However the yellow doesn’t stop there: Cobra Starship also moved into Technicolor this summer, with bits of yellow including their band merch T-shirt graphics. This added fuel to the yellow-wave and so yet another summer and now fall are incorporating punches of yellow.

Yellow Converse sneaks are among this trend, as well as yellow jumper dresses, ties, black and yellow Vans slip-ons, yellow sunglasses, and yellow opaque tights. Here’s a look at a carefully edited selection of key yellow looks that we anticipate will continue to carve a path into Fall Fashion styles and into Summer ’09 collections.