From American Apparel’s neoprene collection.

The 70’s-inspired sexy Polaroid vibe of American Apparel has been a huge part of the appeal to this popular, vertically integrated brand. But as of yesterday, it looks as though the new leaders, headed up by Paula Schneider as CEO for ousted Dov Charney, is about to change in dramatic fashion.

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, the long-time supporter of Charney and creative director for the brand, was fired, again, with no reason, according to her lawyer, Keith Fink.

Alonzo was actually fired once before in June, 2014, during the same timeframe that Charney was first suspended, but then brought back on board in October.

American Apparel continues to churn through massive turmoil, but as we see in our Youth Culture Studies, the brand remains popular with today’s youth culture marketplace. Schneider did admit that the brand has a lot of opportunities, back in an interview late last year.
But she also said to Bloomberg in February in an interview, that the brand “doesn’t have to be overtly sexual.”

Latest tennis skirt collection from American Apparel.

Inside sources think that the road their on now is less sexual and more Gap-ish, which most people know undermines the DNA of the culture of this brand. Scheinder had also said about Alonzo that she was a good fit because of the fact that she knew the “long-standing commitment to the core principles which the company was founded on- ethical manufacturing, innovation within the apparel industry, authenticity, creativity and integrity, and her deep knowledge of our culture and brand, which dates back to our retail inception in 2004.”

Unfortunately for Alonzo, there was no reason given for her dismissal and she was told there was no severance pay either.

Insiders at American Apparel think Alonzo was fired because of a new creative direction to become less sexy. The source said, “it’s going to turn into the Gap.”

Upon the heels of this news, American Apparel’s other creative manager, Marsha Brady, was also just fired.

No official comment has been made so far from American Apparel.

Stay tuned for more.