Cover of Art for Obama book published by Abrams, edited by Jennifer Gross and Shepard Fairey

There’s a new book coming out that provides an insightful illustration of the strength of underground artists and grassroots movements published by Abrams (publishers of the Vans Book Off The Wall) called “Art for Obama -Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change,” edited by Shepard Fairey and Jennifer Gross. The book reflects one of the most historical grassroots movements of art, politics, and youth culture movements through colorful illustrations, various photos, paintings, collages, and visual pieces produced by a powerful group of artists who were inspired by the prospect of change during the Obama campaign.

The book features amazing pieces by Shepard Fairey, including his Hope poster, plus the thank you letter from President Barack Obama, plus Ron English, David Choe, Kwaku Alston, Maya Hayuk, Justin Hampton, and Shel Starkman, among others. The pieces come from the variety of shows put on be Evolutionary Media Group, Obey Giant,, Political Action, SEIU and Studio Number One during the Presidential campaign.

Artwork by David Choe

What Art for Obama book also illustrates is the power of grassroots campaigns via so-called underground subcultures, namely street artists and niche online campaigns, which all helped to elect the 44th President of the United States. In the future, such groups of people will no longer be considered fringe players, but an influential part of youth culture that make things happen -including who becomes President.

The book costs $22.95 and will be released in October, 2009. In keeping with the theme of hope and change, all of the author’s profits will be donated to the American for the Arts charity: (