Red dress by Tavik, tan scarf by Organik, black jacket by Metal Mulisha

Photos by Tom Wallace
Story by Kathleen Gasperini

ASR’s fashion runway show is always a highlight because you finally get a chance to see overall silhouettes as intended by the action sports-inspired apparel designers. What was most notable at the fashion show February 3 at ASR in San Diego was how 3 different notable eras, with a heavy emphasis on ’70’s proto-punk (especially by Volcom), when brought together reveal what’s happening in fashion from a 2010 perspective. It was the best of retro recontextualized with a modern aesthetic.

Oddly, it reminded me of the Sundance Film Festival sensation “The Runaway’s” featuring Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie and Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett with its stylish vintage rock ‘n roll clich?s. On the flip-side, it’s not so clich? if you’re from a generation that didn’t grow up in the ’70’s and your only knowledge of the era is from old movies, vintage stores, and album cover artwork. Taking bits and pieces, including punk skinny jeans, sequins, flannel, bright colors, fringe, and accessories like marble leggings, and the results are where 2010 is already headed.

As if to illustrate the mix bag of eras, so too were the brands represented which indicate how action sports is evolving when it comes to sports style, streetwear, and contemporary fashion, including Volcom, Metal Mulisha, Tavik, Organik, Fox, L Space, Levi Strauss, Rusty, DaKine, Lost, Element, O’Neill, Storm of London watches, Forever 21 accessories, RVCA, Lira, Billabong, and Peter Grimm.

Strategically ripped denim is back.

Again here with a faded denim. But combined with the striped nautical shirt and boots, and fur cap, the look is obviously no longer ’70s but 2010.

Hot shorts and patterned leggings are key accessories.

This purple dress by and hoodie by Fox was a big hit.

Faded floral denim is notable, but may not catch on with youth culture.

Back to basic black and red and punk aesthetics.

Designer headphones are a key accessory.

Denim short shorts are in full swing.

Skinny denim, especially in various colors such as light blue, white, grey, and purple are key new trends.

Red denim too–but no longer in neon colors but more muted.

The accessories here are notable such as the wide gold belt, long necklaces, hat, boots and buckles, and oversized, studded bag.

White denim is going strong.

Graphic T’s paired with purple, pink and black mix-up punk and rave.

Dresses with leather jackets and vests were very popular.

’80’s meets the ’90s.

One of the few boyfriend denim silhouettes in the show, but a notable design because it’s still going strong.

This look also captured a lot of attention with ripped denim-leggings.

Sequined tops, short frill skirts like a tutu are also already quite popular among youth culture.

Marble leggings by Volcom were a big hit.

Traditional black and white punk look but turned ’70’s with fringe.

All about the denim.

Again, fringe, but this time in a bikini top by L Space.

’70s and ’80s once again.

Off the shoulder Flashdance sweater shirts and the color purple are both popular aspects to fashion for Fall 2010. Notice also the jodhpur-like denim pants which are unique. All from Fox.

Floral dresses bring a ’70’s hippy feel to fashion for this season.

At first it didn’t seem to look like it was working, but the style actually does, combining patterns in a symetrical way, plus the electric blue color in the leggings makes the whole outfit pop nu rave x and 80s.

Bubble-bottom dresses are still here, but in a more 1983 oversized sweatshirt-style.

Plaid in pink jumper.

This orange hoodie and green jacket by Fox, and black dress by Metal Mulisha is a clear indication that motocross brands have successfully crossed over into street-savvy contemporary fashion.

Back to the ’70s.

Oversized silk green dress-shirt with cropped jackets and zebra purse create a hot new look for the season.

Plaid is still with us, but more fitted this time when it comes to women’s streetwear for Fall 2010.