The Madone 6.9 SSL for Team RadioShack by Trek and Studio Number One.

Shepard Fairey and his Studio Number One have been chosen by Trek to collaborate once again, this time on the creation of the new Madone 6.9 SSL bikes for Team RadioShack for this season’s 2011 Tour of California series. Combining the iconic colors of RadioShack, and the art messaging that Studio One is known for, Trek, who boldly states in an interview on HypeBeast, that they are probably the only bike company with an internal design team, have created a unique collaboration. This is sure to be a hit at InterBike in September.

The RadioShack lightening bolt reminds lead designer of Studio Number One of the electronics the store is known for.

In some ways, the crossover of the electronics store which now sponsors an entire cycling team indicates how a somewhat mundane type of retail chain can actually achieve a higher status level among new consumers. In addition, using Shepard Fairey’s team to create the design of these technical bikes brings with the art of transportation and cycling to another level -that of a keepsake item that centers around a specific series which gives the Tour of California and these bikes a new status.

Check out this interview where Shepard talks about his first bike collaboration with Lance Armstrong in 2009 for his Trek bike for Giro for the Livestrong Foundation and how the collaborations have evolved to the upcoming Madone.