Bread & Butter goes international. Back to Barcelona and adds Seoul, Korea.

Called the “Grand Slam” with the slogan “Always the Sun,” in usual big-media style, Bread & Butter’s founder Karl Heinz-Muller announced a bombshell tonight during the opening of the Bread & Butter Berlin with some major news for Europe’s leading fashion and denim trade show.

The show is moving back to Barcelona for the winter edition in January, 2015, to the Fira de Barcelona where it once was from January 8-10, 2015. In a move to make the show international once again, and to diversify from the crowded Berlin fashion trade show scene, it’s a bold move to target southern Europe again, but obviously necessary.

However, Bread & Butter will stick to its base and come back to the former Airport Berlin-Tempelhof for the summer show, with exact dates still to be announced but most likely to be in early summer.

Bread & Butter heads back to Fira de Barcelona.

According to Bread & Butter, Barcelona and Berlin are both Bread & Butter’s hometowns and the ideal metropolises for modern lifestyle and street culture. Hence, in the next years Bread & Butter stays true to the motto “always the sun” and brings its favorite fashion cities together.

2015 will also mark the first venture of Bread & Butter in Asia. The tradeshow will take place in Seoul, South Korea, for the first time from September 3-5, 2015.

Bread & Butter plans to capture the best in streetwear in Seoul, Korea.

“Seoul is very young, progressive, hungry, independent, street life and there is real power, plus Seoul wants us,” declared Müller.
The “Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of Braed & Butter Seoul Show and Mutual Cooperation” with Mr. Won Soon Park, the mayor of Seoul, was signed on May 2, 2014. B&B has invited all interested brands to Seoul on September 12th 2014 to assess the situation there. They will be personally welcomed by the mayor.

“Now we are in Europe´s two best cities, namely Barcelona and Berlin, and in Seoul/Asia. One city is still missing to complete the ‘Grand Slam’, of course we also have to go in yet another direction. The American continent is still waiting for us…”

Rumors are abounding that Bread & Butter will make a debut in the U.S. by late 2015, possibly New York City or Los Angeles. This adds to the growing pressure already on trade shows in the U.S. as the season kicks-off again starting with Agenda in Long Beach, on Thursday and Friday, July 10-11, 2014 (stay tuned for more).

At Bread & Butter Berlin which runs for 2 more days, certain areas are creating a significant amount of hype and traction, including the L.O.C.K. area. Here, Bread & Butter is debuting the Inazuma Festival , featuring Japanese high-end denim and other products, plus Seoul’s 10 Soul area for up-and-coming top designers from Seoul.

Other directional locations to note include Bread & Butter’s Argentinian showroom with beachwear and apparel and accessories, giving space for the leading-edge designers from South America.

This summer, the show’s theme is Brazilian Carnival, featuring colors and exhibitions and the fun vibe of Carnival, coupled with screenings of the latest going on during the World Cup of Soccer in Brazil.

There are a number of new brands, averaging around 150 in the other areas, such as Urban Fashion, Urban Base, Urban Superior, and of course in L.O.C.K.

Notably, some of the larger denim brands are not on the trade show floor this summer, which says something about the state of the fashion industry. But the show still rules as the leader in fashion trade shows in Europe.

Stay tuned for more live coverage from Bread & Butter Berlin coming soon.