Bread and Butter enter Seoul, Korea with big launch party.

More than 600 Asian and European guests from fashion, culture and Seoul celebrity circles, retailers and brands, attended the official launch event of Bread and Butter Seoul on the remarkable Floating Islands –situated right on the banks of Seoul’s Han river.

In attendance the mayor of Seoul, the honorable Won Soon Park, Karl-Heinz Müller and his team presented the idea of BREAD & BUTTER SEOUL: “BREAD & BUTTER is proud to have selected Seoul as the starting point to introduce relevant brands to the Asian market. We are well aware that Seoul has not such a wide multi-brand store base as Europe has, but it has an amazing buying power, very strong department stores, profound culture, a sense for fashion and most of all very kind and educated inhabitants. Due to its uniqueness, Seoul is regarded by other Asian countries as a window to discover new opportunities arising from foreign countries and serves a role as a hub into the Asian market.”

600 attendees came to the opening event.

Won Soon Park: “BREAD & BUTTER SEOUL 2015 will combine fashion, culture art and other areas to produce a creative and exceptional fashion festival. I expect it will grow into a global platform that embraces worldwide fashion brands and artists to show their talents and passion, and bring great change to the fashion industry, retail business and international culture exchange.”

Karl-Heinz Müller: “I thank the mayor of Seoul and all collaborators for their kindness and all our interested brand ambassadors and supporters for trusting in BREAD & BUTTER to open for all of us new prosperous possibilities.”

Seoul is a hotspot location for streetwear fashion, particularly denim.

The morning after the event BREAD & BUTTER offered the opportunity to take a tour through the Dongdaemum Design Plaza for all interested parties. This architectural masterpiece was built by Zaha Hadid and opened in spring 2014. Offering various spaces for exhibitions, art labs and retail space for young designers this venue represents one very good option for next years B&B show, which is planned from 3rd  –  5th September 2015.

Check-out the video introduction.

Karl Heinz-Muller at the BBB Seoul Welcome Event.