In this fresh street styles report, Label Networks takes a look at the growing trend of a new-school bohemian chic look that captures and combines rave and retro elements, peace symbols, T-shirt messaging of hope and love, and bright neon colors. The trend is due to a clash of many different cultures and influences going on right now, by young people wanting an end to war and stating peace through necklaces, face paint, even feathers, to the attraction of rave colors, including turquoise and pink denim jeans, yellow punches in bags, flats, Alice bands, and sunglasses, and a DIY attitude.

The Bohemian-rave look at its best includes elements that make a statement, from T-shirt graphics that talk about Love or Peace or War in bright graphics, to accessories that keep the dream alive of what may be possible. This may also include looking like a former ’70’s flower child with a flowing dress, but accessorized in neon touches, and adorned with headwear accessories including the popular, simple, small braid at the forehead pinned with a plain bobby pin.

Interestingly, while many runways are predicting Spring/Summer ’09 collections to a more classic, long-term look, youth culture street styles are defying the future by combining meaningful peace elements into personal style. This trend, as we’ve seen over the course of the summer, is increasing across the board and moving into even the most remote areas. We anticipate aspects of this to seep into back-to-school fall fashion, especially with colored denim and accessories, and come out again in Spring/Summer ’09 with new takes on retro bohemian styles that continue to be part synth-rock influenced and rave.

Bohemian-Rave Key Trends:

Inspiration: Anti-war iconography, pseudo-Christian, rave, synth-rock, pop, techno, keyboard players, early Sheila E., forests, folktales, outdoor concerts, post-gender, metallics

Colors: Yellow punches in bags, flats on girls, denim jeans, Alice bands, sunglasses, plus turquoise denim jeans on both genders, green, metallics in bags, tights, orange, pink, red, white

Key Looks: Ripped tights or solid color tights in bright colors or metallics, short denim shorts, gym class shorts, terry cloth jumpers or onesies, feathers, hair accessories, Alice bands, long tight denim jeans in color, large Ray-ban sunglasses in color, shutter shades, peace signs in necklaces and in rainbow colors, flats instead of skateboard sneakers, colored converses, bright colored shoelaces, T-shirt graphics with a statement in bold type and often in color, hair dye in purple strips, small braids at the forehead, dresses