China Youth Culture Study Provides New Global Insight Forecasts for New Markets in Fashion, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Music, New Media, Video Gaming, Lifestyles

Fresh results released today, February 5, 2009, from Label Networks’ 4th Annual China Youth Culture Study 2009 clearly indicate that the youth culture marketplace of 15-25-year-olds in China has completely re-shaped market trends motivated mostly by new economic conditions and changes in technology and emerging communication patterns resulting in a shift in the last few months in preferences and trends for where they spend their money, adopt fashion, and absorb influences from music, sports, entertainment, new media, marketing advertising, and more. Results in the China Youth Culture Study 2009 quantify how vital it is for even the most localized trendsetting brands in America to know what’s taking shape in China. Based on the sheer heft of its size, this marketplace is having a major ripple effect that continues to shape global business strategies–making Chinese youth culture one of the most sought after new markets in the world.

“The Chinese youth market is comprised of an entirely new generation among their 1.3 billion people who have grown up among massive economic reforms resulting in influencing a great deal of the overall spending power of China,” says Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks. “There’s a huge youth demographic that’s adopting new trends and demanding Western brands in mass volume, despite what’s taking shape in the re-organization of the global economy. Young people want exciting advertising, the opportunity to adopt global fashion brands and lifestyles, and they are without the cynicism seen in other youth markets,” explains Wallace.

As the first generation of the one-child rule to have experienced economic reforms, open markets, and capitalism with a Communist twist, the youth market’s developing culture is greatly influenced by Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Western influences, but is also creating a lifestyle wholly its own. These traits in fashion, spending patterns, technology and communication, music, video gaming, and especially sports, are important trends to understand regarding the dynamics of the future of global youth culture.

Highlights from the China Youth Culture Study 2009 include:
Fashion: Extensive section featuring favorite brands and why, top malls and retailers, changing dynamics in shopping patterns, and more
T-shirt brand preferences, changes in price points, spending patterns
Denim brands that are capturing marketshare where the most effective price points per volume are based on demographics
Sneaker culture and major change as certain kicks no longer matter and others are on the rise
Retail landscape including what makes young people most likely to purchase and what the greatest turn-offs in-store tend to be, revealing the secrets of on-site success or failure
Internet Cafes as Cultural Hotspots mean young people are online in massive numbers with high percentages shopping online and searching for new ideas, styles, trends
Sports, Action Sports, Individual Sports have tremendous influences on this country that has embedded a sports movement into its culture for years as a ramp up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Music Importance has changed-up the dialogue of how people identify with others while influencing downloading patterns, technology, and style
New Media, Social Networks, Gaming indicate extremely viral market opportunities and changes in perceptions among youth culture in China
The Rise of the Green Collar Generation -New future working class that goes to university and are influenced by new thoughts about the environment, health, global well-being.
Top Future Concerns: Changed perceptions of “Success” and influences of the economy, war, politics, environment tap into new psychodemographic traits within today’s youth culture

The China Youth Culture Study 2009, which runs 350 pages also includes:
Label Networks’ Weekly Newsletter for up to 12 months providing fresh global youth culture news, trade show reviews, business information, trends, fashion, music, sports, festivals, media, events, retail, technology, emerging subcultures
Label Networks TV: Exciting video clips with in-depth interviews with up-and-coming designers, retailers, musicians, artists; LNTV has been selected as a Premium Partner with YouTube with 120 LNTV clips posted to date attracting more than 500,000 viewer impressions
Quantitative Charts, Graphs Frequencies carefully edited with top key findings, including historical patterns information, primary data, cross-tabulations by gender age groups
Macro Trend Summaries detailing high-level analysis for quick snapshots of key trends within specific topics
Historical Data Story Access for trending future forecasting

For thought-leaders looking to maximize their strategies as they pertain to the youth marketplace, Label Networks’ 4th Annual China Youth Culture Study provides authentic street-level information about the demographic profile, economic, and cultural threads of influence across one of the largest burgeoning new youth markets in the world. For subscription information, or to experience the Premium Subscription including Spring and Fall 2009 Studies from North America, plus Label Networks’ European, Japan, and China Youth Culture Studies and Profile Reports, email; or call (323) 630-4000.