Collection from Comme des Garcons SHIRT Fall/Winter 2010 collection–Photos by The Fashionisto

Comme des Garcons has become one of those flagship Japanese brands that tend to inspire many designers in the category of streetwear and upper urbanwear. Started by the legendary Rei Kawakubo and featuring designs by Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garcons is highly regarded for many reasons including introducing a deconstructed look to fashion, high quality, with a city/urban vibe.

Often what you see coming from this fashion house is replicated in certain ways across many other street designs and it%uFFFDs cult following of fans, which made this brand of particular interest when they showcased their Comme des Garcons SHIRT Fall/Winter 2010 collection in Paris last week.

Stripes in a cross design with plaids add an element of uniqueness to this look.

However, it’s clear that plaids, tartans, and Americana/heritage is not yet over -if you were to look at this collection. If anything, Comme des Garcons’ SHIRT features such a saturation of heritage (but in a mix of bright colors adding a bit of rave to heritage), that we’re wondering when someone is going to take trends to the next level.

Are we disappointed? Sort of. It’s not all that new. And here we are again with plaids and heritage Americana spun in a different dimension by the Japanese designers, showcased in Paris, and sent back to us–from which the designs were first inspired, particularly from the street. The best features however is the usage of colors, which add a retro ’80’s and ’90s feel to it, mixed with oddball prep classics.

Here’s a quick look.

While the jacket is interesting in terms of silhouette, the pants or knickers in plaid aren%uFFFDt really doing it for us.

Mix of zebra stripes and classic prep does have a streetwear vibe.

More mixing of prep but with plaid, Americana heritage sleeves–borders on being too ironic.

The bright saturation of colors in plaids are what make this collection unique in that it%uFFFDs mixing up different eras, %uFFFD80s, %uFFFD90s, and rave-electronica elements to what otherwise would be normal heritage.

Plaid-shirt-gone-blazer. But the wool short pants are rocking (if perhaps paired with Timbs or RedWings or Doc Martens).