The Mishka X Outlier Pivot Plaids Collab for Fall.

Collaborations continue to be of vital importance when it comes to youth culture streetwear, footwear, and accessories, and while many blogs, ranging from Slamxhype to Hypebeast cover many, every once in a while, here at Label Networks, we showcase some that are unique for various reasons that usually extend beyond the expected.

First up, is the latest collaboration with Mishka and Outlier and their technical “pivot plaid” button-down shirts available in this Fall’s collection. Mishka, most notable for many of their music and artist-inspired collabs in the past, their big bright eyeball, pop-synth, dub, grime color palette influences and flavor, and dedication to the offshoots of streetwear culture such as urban vinyl toys, has linked up with one of the top brands we showcased at Project 10 last month, the tailored cycle clothing brand Outlier.

Outlier’s sophisticated button-downs that we noted had very interesting seam construction under the arms as they are intended to be worn on someone who cycles -usually in urban environments. You can basically wear this shirt with free range at the shoulder and it won’t come up in the back. The fabrics that Outlier uses, especially in their tailored pants, are also known to wick water and dry fast while keeping the integrity of a good-looking pant that you can also cycle in.
Bring Mishka into the picture and the two brands figured out, as Mishka puts it” eye-ball popping plaid patterns.”

(Mishka’s also produced a cool cap collab with Kidrobot.)

Obey X Blanda Eggenschwiler.

Meanwhile, Obey Clothing, the Shepard Fairey streetwear brand which continues to do very well at the trade shows, is collaborating with illustrator Blanda Eggenschwiler. What’s cool about this collab is that it isn’t necessarily a guy-collab. Instead, it includes cool unisex T-shirts actually also come with a corresponding jewelry line that Blanda wanted to create with it. The sketches include inspiration from various old fashion magazines, headlines from the Sunday Times, and jewelry in 18K gold, brass, and gemstones.

Japanese fast-fashion giant Uniqlo has chosen Susan Sarandon as one of the faces for their fall fashion campaign, including the openings of two more flagships in NYC located on 5th Avenue and another on 34th street, both which open later in October.

This is part of their “Made for All” campaign intended to make the brand more inclusive to a variety of different types of people. According to WWD, other people chosen for the campaign include Laura Linney, John Leguizamo, “Glee” actor Darren Criss, jazz musician Esperanza Spalding (Grammy winner for Best New Artist), Tumblr founder David Karp, and teacher Gregg Breinberg, who is the music director of the YouTube-gig P.S. 22 chorus.