Venture Out at Outdoor Retailer to bring the urban outdoor movement to the forefront.

In the past few years, there’s been an interesting trend emerging in streetwear and urban contemporary with a crossover of outdoors. From camp-inspired collections, to actual tents from brands like Poler, to Swiss Army becoming an accessories staple exhibiting at shows like Capsule and Agenda, the urban outdoorsman has become a bona fide category of its own.

The first incarnation of this trend was when Capsule launched Above the Treeline at its shows, something we noted in our story back in February, 2014.

Now, coming this winter at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, UT, from January 21-24, 2015, the hot new foyer will encompass this urban outdoor trend in an area called Venture Out, curated by Mountain Lab. What it isn’t is your old-school version of the outdoors, but rather an area of like-minded brands that are bringing in a different outdoor influencer, particularly a new breed of urban consumers.

Bearded, urban outdoorsmen, ala the Gentleman Farmer, are a part of the scene.

With each new generation finding a path to the outdoors, a new language, a new model comes forth to enable exploration. The rugged external frame packs, canvas tents and post war developments of the early 20th century fostered the greatest period of expeditionary exploration. In the 60’s and 70’s, with new materials, lighter designs and the sport aspect of wilderness coming to light, people went farther, faster. Backpacking was not what you did to accomplish an expedition, it was a journey unto itself.

Where 30 years ago, a yogi may have met a mountaineer in a meadow, today the mountaineer is the yogi (and the arm chair botanist, fisherman, climber, bird watcher and organic farmer). There no longer exists the delineation of sports and activities as the single defining nature of the wanderer.

According to Outdoor Retailer, in creating Venture Out, the show now has a space that embodies the newest developments in the marketplace. A space for buyer’s to discover, learn and embrace the latest consumer movements. Venture Out is an exploration of brand, trend, design, media and creativity that is exemplified by the modern outdoor spirit.

Brands in the area will include Poler, Cirque, Iron and Resin, Coalatree, Locally Grown, SeaVees, Pendleton, and others. Check it out.