Xylophone Bridge.

Seoul, South Korea, is on a mission to turn green and cut down its urban congestion and improve air quality. One of their latest programs has been through the installation of bike paths on the city’s bridges, which has increased the number of bikers tremendously since they’ve been built. This year, during Seoul Design Foundation’s competition called Seoul Cycle Design, featured a very innovative new idea to the ever-evolving concept of the bike path: a xylophone bridge.

Concept of the bike path.

The bike path, as created by Yeon Jae Won and Woo Jeong Heo, featured wooden bars of varying lengths and internal hammers (like a big piano) that play as a bike rolls over the path. The concept goes even further however as the creators envision “xylophone bridges” on all of Seoul’s bike path bridges, creating a cacophony of sound and giving Seoul a distinguishable trait.

Trikoton’s binary vest.

Another interesting innovation using sound comes from Berlin’s Trikoton. This company has created custom clothing that follows the patterns of your voice. Their website allows you to record yourself talking, which then converts the frequency patterns into a binary code that they then use as the knitting pattern for creating custom-made vests, sweaters, and leggings.

We anticipate more binary code clothing (and QR clothing) to make its way into DIY fashion in the near future.

Coffee cozy by Jacqueline Dufresne.

Finally in our eco/cool technology round-up is the knitted coffee cup cozy. This concept has likely been done many times before, but it’s a fun reminder during the fall season not to use the paper coffee cup cozies, and instead, add a touch of individual style to your morning routine with your very own hand-knitted sleeve. (This one is created by Jacqueline Dufresne.)