Married to the Mob’s Burton Capsule Collection.

Be-atch on Board
Married to the Mob, one of the only women’s streetwear company’s you’ll find at shows like S.L.A.T.E., has collaborated with Burton Snowboards to create an entire women’s snowboard collection featuring jackets, pants, gloves, and a board. Similar to the tough-talking owner, Leah McSweeney (who is also very nice despite the persona), the collection is not for the faint of heart or shall we say, the “Kawaii” type rider.

Mostly done in black, the collection features some very bold graphics, including the bottom board quote, “Well-behaved bitches seldom make history.”

We can just see it now: snowboard photogs snapping pics of some ripping ladies in the pipe as they do handplants and flip the bottom of their boards sky-high for the ultimate statement shot.

The collection goes on sale next month.

Signature Moon boots by colette.

Moon Boots Turn 40
It was July, 1969 when man first walked on the moon, and about 6 months later, in early 1970, that moon boots became all the rage. Well, the ’70’s are back, if you haven’t noticed, from the number of references to the era at the New York, London, and Paris Fashion Weeks, which means moon boots are making a comeback too.

Parisian concept store colette, always on the forefront of creating new trends, is going all the way featuring 70 limited-edition pairs for their colette collection this Fall/Winter. This means you will probably see other footwear brands creating their own retro version of the moon boot again soon. Meanwhile, they’re sure to be the hottest item at thrift/vintage stores.

Pendleton bike.

Heritage brands Pendleton Woolen Mills has teamed up with Worksman Cycles to create a signature bike featuring Pendleton’s Chief Joseph pattern on the fenders and frame, and their arrowheads which were first introduced in the 1920’s. While we’re a little over the whole heritage thing, it is cool when a clothing brand steps out of it’s industry and moves into another like crossing over into cycling. We’ve seen this also with brands such as Mishka and RVCA and their tie-ins with fixed gear cycling, and several other brands that are adding new components to their apparel collections through hardgoods, sports, and transportation.

Nixon and the Beastie Boys watch collab.

In other collab news, Nixon watches has teamed up with the Beastie Boys to create super bright and colorful limited-edition watches called the Time Teller series -all with sort of a nautical captain’s theme.

And finally, for those loving vintage Levi’s, as we noted previously, the Levi’s XX division headed up by Maurizio Donadi, has just opened up a store in Tokyo’s Aoyama ‘hood. Many young people in Japan are fanatics for Americana heritage pieces, which makes this store opening even more interesting as it’s sure to be a popular destination.