SevenDays=Sundays owned by Cross Company.

Cross Company, the big giant retailer out of Japan, has plans to challenge with likes of fast-fashion players such as Uniqlo and H&M. But the twist? Sourcing it all from ethical products and creating entirely eco-friendly fashion.

According to a series of reports from Japan, as well as the Business of Fashion, the plan is to launch the new mega ethical clothing chain for young fashion players this Fall 2014. The goal is to reach $9.8 billion in sales, challenging its own country’s fast-fashion chain Uniqlo in the process. Cross Country currently is a large chain in Asia, but with 1,000 stores including brands like Green Parks, Earth, Music & Ecology, and Sevendays=Sunday (not to be confused with the Christian/Emo band Seven Days to Sunday), their plans for the ethical chain is even bigger.

Earth, Music & Ecology by Cross Company.

The idea of eco-friendly sourcing isn’t necessarily new among today’s tech-savvy, and ever-more sustainably conscious consumers as we have revealed in our Sustainability and the State of the Future Youth Culture Studies. But to grow as massively as they plan and to challenge fast-fashion players with trendy pieces in quick merchandise turn-around at affordable prices is something to watch closely. Because if Cross Company and their ethically based fashion mega chain can do this, it will challenge others to do the same.

How can Cross Company attempt such a challenge? They already know their sourcing. They’ve been working on it for years and they are known for bringing on designers and very qualified staff who just don’t ever want to leave thanks to a flexible schedule and very good working conditions.

The stores for the chain are also being designed with sustainability built in, including LED lighting, solar panels at its flagships, renewable energy wherever possible, and new methods on shipping and distribution.

Cross Company has so far made good on its promises for stakeholders by becoming the fastest growing retailer in fashion in Japan and achieving its target profitability goals in the last 4 years.

Stay tuned for more information as the Cross Company announces further plans. For more information on youth culture, sustainability, and fashion, contact us about our 14th Annual Spring Youth Culture Study 2014.