Singer, fashion icon, Japanese pop culture lover, and now marketing genius, Gwen Stefani’s latest launch from her Harajuku Lovers collection is a set of 5 different fragrances with packaging that takes the cake on what it means to have a “fatal attraction to cuteness.” Dropping next month in a Macy’s near you, plus various specialty boutiques, the Harajuku Lovers Fragrances are already taking the marketing world by storm.

Delivered in 5 different cute doll decanters that correspond with Gwen’s Harajuku girls’ posse, and lyrics from her album, including G., Love, Angel, Music, Baby, as in L.A.M.B. (get it?), it’s a collector’s edition of perfume, which also come in a variety of fragrances ranging from fruity to flowery.

Descriptions of each fragrance girl are also quite cute and interesting, delivering details on the personality behind each doll, thus allowing the would-be consumer the information necessary to choose a fragrance that matches her personality. But as we all know, we are all of these personalities, and therefore must have the entire collection!

What’s more is that the YouTube video (and corresponding Harajuku Lovers Fragrances Facebook page) is super cute because you can hear the dolls talking in high-pitched Japanese and singing snippets of Gwen’s songs. The campaign also allows people to participate karaoke style and upload their own Harajuku Lovers fragrance tracks. Personally, I ain’t no holla back girl, but I’m on board with this lifestyle messaging.





G (as in Gwen)