Fashion films merge technology, social media, entertainment, and creativity together.

The fashion industry may change quickly when it comes to new styles and designs for each season, but one area it did not adapt to quickly was the age of technology.

However things are beginning to change, thanks in most part to evolution and popularity of fashion films—often short video clips posted on Vimeo or YouTube that allows for fans of the brand to actually see what’s behind the inspiration and creation of a brands’ meaning.

In addition, fashion films have given rise to new forms of creativity, utilizing modern production methods and social media to get the word out about the latest collection from the fashion brand.

Fashion films provide more than a showcase of latest collections, but also mood, emotional, and feeling.

One of our favorite stories on fashion films was posted recently by Not Just a Label by Noemi Varga which traces the history of fashion film starting with Paul Poiret who used fashion film vignettes as a promotional tool. This was in 1913. Moving on, Gareth Pugh posted an 11 minute film of his Paris collection in 2009 instead of having the traditional runway show, which shocked many, but also revealed that costs could be greatly reduced simply by having a film to explain his collection.

According to Varga, the best part of creating fashion films is that now, up-and-coming designers can utilize a tool to spread the word about their work. In addition, they completely jive with a new generation that is far more apt to watch a video on YouTube (and seek them out) than read a magazine about what’s next when it comes to fashion.

Most top brands today not only have a team of favorite photographers, but at least one filmmaker that will capture the collection in a video vignette to tell even more of a story.

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